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Tokyo Disneyland's Coronavirus Closure and What It Means

When you visit the Official Tokyo Disneyland website you will find a notification stating that it's doors have temporarily closed till the 16th of March, with the possibility of a longer period. But why is this happening? And what does it mean for people who currently wish to visit?

(The sight you see when you enter Tokyo Disneyland. People might not be seeing this again for a very long time. Used with permission, 2020.) Before you think, "Oh, that's fine, tourists in the Asia Pacific region will just go to the Hong Kong or Shanghai locations instead." That isn't possible, either. All three locations have closed. It isn't even possible to buy tickets to see Tokyo Disneyland once closures have ended. Klook has closed down all related services. The implication being that the reopening date is highly tentative and may likely not occur at all.

(A Tokyo Disneyland parade float. Used with permission, 2020.)

Alternatives you can buy tickets for include Tokyo Sanrio Puroland, which has tickets available onwards of March 13th. The Ghibli Museum onwards of April 4th and Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, which can be visited currently. But it can be understood that all of these will bring little relief to the most ardent of Disney fans, who may still wish to see Disneyland in Orland, Florida, which is still open. Disneyland in Anaheim, California is also still open. (Book through the banner in this paragraph to support this blog!) The park closures are said to be due to fears relating to the Coronavirus Covid-19, which currently seems like a reasonable security measure to take. However, there does seem to be some cause to be optimistic about the reopening of Tokyo Disneyland on the 16th of March. The official schedule for park activities shows the park being "Closed" until that date.

(Tokyo Disneyland's Anachronistic delights will be close to be public until atleast March 16th, 2020. Used with permission, 2020.)

What state the park will be in, or whether there will be special reopening ceremonies or shows remains to be seen. However, it can be expected visitors with Annual Passports will be happy to see the doors re-open.

(Images of Tokyo Disneyland used with permission from, and 2009-2017.)

(The majesty of Tokyo Disneyland at night. Used with permission, 2020.)

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