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The Vibes of USJ: Universal Studios Japan, Osaka

One of the things I really like about visiting Universal studios Japan in Osaka, otherwise known as USJ, is simply how it feels to be there.

(Some footage I took trying to express the distinctive style of the streets in USJ. That, and how overjoyed I was to be there. 2019.)

(More photos of the distinctive and eclectic architectural styles you can find in USJ. Taken by me, 2019.)

There is something so vibrant and energetic about USJ. It's not just the people. Though it is a contributing factor somehow. I usually feel nervous around busy crowds. But somehow, in USJ, I like seeing the people exploring the place and having their own fun. I like the smells. I like the sounds. I like the strange little details that don't make sense unless you think about how a theme park needs to be run and maintained.

(Footage I took, 2019.)

Something I realised was that some of the props making the streets look more realistic were doubling as places that resources for the park were being kept. The upper floors of many of the buildings likely also serve as admin offices, dressing rooms for the workers and food storage. A recommendation I can make is that going to USJ off season is in some ways more fun than going around Christmas time. It's more fun in that I found the park had to regularly stop for parades that weren't very interesting. And the music was on a loop and very irritating around Christmas time.

(Photos taken by me, 2019.)

Another recommendation I can make is to dress comfortably. If you really want to get your money's worth, it's a good idea to stay the whole day in USJ, and the night can be very cold. So it's a good idea to wear things you can rest easy in. I chose hakama, a cotton blouse, some leggings, two haori and a jacket with a beanie. I wore some comfortable walking shoes with this. I also put on some makeup so that I could feel pretty. But I also felt great.

(More sights around USJ. Taken by me, 2019.)

(One fun activity is that you can approach a wall of bronze hand impressions by celebrities and see how your own hand size and shape compares. It seems that Mike Myers has very small hands. Taken by me, 2018.)

No trip to Osaka would be complete without a visit to USJ. It takes you not only to Osaka itself, but to a living experience of imaginary worlds. It allows you to feel you've entered a zone somewhere between reality and fantasy. Acquiring tickets can be so easy if you book through Klook. Click the affiliate link below to help me out, too! Once on the Klook website, you can search for all sorts of amazing experiences all over the world, but especially in Osaka! I'm not just saying this to help myself. I genuinely love the easy access Klook gives to all sorts of exotic tours and trips!

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