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The Top of Taipei: Taipei台北 101

If you do ever visit Taiwan, the odds are that you will want to visit Taipei. And if you want to visit Taipei, you'll want to visit Taipei 101. Plenty of travel bloggers will already tell you how wonderful the view is from the observation deck. That's obvious. Since it is a remarkable view and gives you a greater sense of what Taipei is like compared to cities like Sydney or Melbourne if you've ever visited Eureka Skydeck or Sydney Tower.

(Photos taken by me in 2014.)

But a hidden point of interest in that they've made an exhibition based on the engineering work done to keep the building stable and erect.

(It's possible to take photos with mascots representing the massive orb that acts as a counter-balance for the building. Taken by Wan Wei Tan, 2014.)

(Taken by me, 2014.) Under Taipei 101, you can read a great deal of information about how Taipei 101 stays up. as well as other interesting facts about the tower. Somehow I liked this a little better; learning the secrets that the people up top might never know. Though, after five years, I think I've retained little of that information.

(Taken by Wan Wei Tan, 2014.) Taipei 101 has its own gift store with many unique and special souvenirs. But a more affordable option might be the special stamps and postmarks you can get at Taipei 101. All letters and postcards sent from that location will receive them.

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