• Shona McCarthy

Spicy Dried Squid/Hong Kong Supermarket 香港超市

(Taken by me, 2020.)

If you've been watching my blog, you'll know that I attempted to find spicy dried squid for my list of ultimate Chinese snacks. I finally found it! Though, what I found are permutations from Korea and Thailand. It looks and tastes different from what I remember. But still, wonderfully delicious. 

It shouldn't be surprising that Hong Kong Supermarket in Clayton had multiple varieties. It is one of the larger, more diverse Asian Grocers I've seen. Multiple aisles were devoted to snacks alone. It even has its own fresh vegetables. 

(Taken by me, 2020.)

Of the dried squid varieties there, I decided to pick my favorite flavor, sweet and spicy. The smell when I opened the bag was less like squid and more like molasses and fish sauce. 

(Taken by me, 2020.)

To eat, it delivered on it's promise in spades. The burn is radiant and agonizing to me. But the sweet-savoury is so delectable, I can't resist chewing through the pain. The spice lingers and stings the tongue well after you swallow. My spice tolerance is relatively low, so others may have more enjoyment with less suffering. 

In any case, I can recommend Hong Kong Supermarket in Clayton as a great place to go for those spare things you can find at your local Asian grocery. 

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