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Special Edition Autumn Look Chocolate! Eat Something Really Special!

Updated: Apr 9

I made previous posts about the Autumn foods of Japan, including a post on the Autumn Kitkat of Japan, since I am looking for ways to make the most of Autumn where I am. But a particularly exciting item I found in my local Asian grocer were these little boxes of LOOK Sweet Potato and Chestnut chocolates! I was expecting them to be generic sweet potato and Chestnut. But I was wrong! This is so much better! (Photos by me.)

Looking at the back, I learned that it was specifically Kumamoto chestnut and Beniharuka sweet potato! Species unique to Japan! Given that these foods would probably decompose if I tried to bring them into Australia, it was wonderful to try them in chocolate form!

While I had seen the "LOOK" bear on the packaging around the internet, and some marketing in Melbourne, I didn't know that this bear was originally a chocolate logo. I was facinated to learn that the Fujiya company that produces LOOK also does Peko Chan, a very cute Japanese mascot girl. Not only that, LOOK chocolate has been produced since as far back as the 1960s according to their official website! And it's really made in Japan! They include the official URL on the box, so if you'd like to learn more about the myriad flavours of look and get a detailed view of the history, you have the chance.

When I opened the box, I was amazed at the level of detail and quality the company bothered to include in the packaging. Even the foil liner of the box was decorated with a themed design on both sides.

Somehow, the funny look on the face of the bear, and the beauty of the autumn leaves and ichimatsu design made me all the more fascinated and appreciative. Yes, this chocolate was cheap, and it is of a kind one would easily find in the average Convenience store in Japan. But the marketers understand that chocolate is enjoyable precisely because it is an affordable luxury. It should be savoured and experienced, rather than scarfed down unceremoniously out of a piece of tin foil and paper.

Inside the sense of affordable luxury continued. even upon breaking the foil I could smell a delightfully sweet and tart aroma, owing to the discreet alcoholic content of the chocolate. The right side contains the beniharuka sweet potato. It was sweet, creamy and smooth. The left side contains the Kumamoto chestnuts, smoky and with a layer of jelly. Of the two, I think I liked the sweet potato better. But if you ever have the chance to try these, you may find yourself with a different opinion. But just look at the little cardboard tray and the patterns they bothered to add to the chocolate. The fact that they bothered to make them into individual filled chocolates rather than a solid block adds to that sensation of luxury. I felt encouraged to make the chocolates last; to truly enjoy them. And so I've kept them and I eat one only once every few days. I've shared a couple of them with others, with the intent to share more. It's one of those little things which only costs a few dollars, yet you can use to to enrich many days. If you would like to supplement your virtual experiences of Japan with real life, wearable objects, you could try perusing my online store. I try to keep my prices reasonable, and my products a blend of the fun and practical:

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