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Special Autumn KitKat: Chestnut

In Australia it can sometimes be a challenge to get the special Japanese flavours of KitKat. But in my local Asian Grocery, I got lucky and found that they had bags of KitKat chestnut for sale! Given that it is Autumn in Australia, this is the perfect time to eat it. I blogged about foods commonly associated with the Japanese autumn and chestnuts were an important presence in that list. I was so excited I bought the bag without even looking at the price. But I know it can't have been too much, since the same bags can be found on Japan Haul for $3.50 USD and Japan Haul tends to jack up their prices somewhat as it is. The photos in this post are taken by me.

As you can see, the bag is very pretty, with lovely photos of shiny chestnuts and autumn leaves in different colours.

I decided to include information from the bag so that you could see what is in it. I was very happy to see that it was actually made in Japan. Pocky is likewise considered to be a classic Japanese snack food. Yet it is typically manufactured in Thailand. But not so with Japanese KitKats!

Inside the larger bag are individually wrapped KitKats, also very aesthetic. There is a space on the back for writing your name, or perhaps a small message to someone else. I've learned that these spaces were originally included so that students could write each other messages of encouragement at exam time. Japanese KitKats are often very small compared to what we might be used to in Australia, or the USA and UK for that matter. When I opened the bag, a slightly yogurt-y smell came out. It made me wonder if the expiry date had passed. But these KitKats aren't meant to go bad for another two months as of writing this post. So, the taste test information I tell you here should be accurate to the wellness of the Kit Kat itself. I'm thinking I might hide a few of these KitKats in my freezer so I can eat them over the long term without worrying about the expiry date. Since I am dieting, I would not like to scarf the whole bag down. When I opened the individual KitKat wrapper, a delightfully sweet smell came out. Something like vanilla frosting, but with a slight almond oil whisper. When I bit in, there was the usual crunch you would expect. But very quickly, the almost almond taste of the chestnut hit me. Then there were waves of white chocolate taste blending wonderfully with the wafer taste with some buttery notes and some resurgences of the chestnut taste. I came in with low expectations, since I didn't think chestnuts really had a flavour. But this snack has completely changed my mind. I certainly want to store some of these special KitKats away, since they are so very refined and sophisticated in taste. So, there you have it. These KitKats are a true treat, and worth every cent I paid for them.

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