• Shona McCarthy

Singles Day in Your Area

In China, on November 11th, a holiday has began called "singles day". And while I wouldn't recommend going to China, it is possible to celebrate it in many other hubs of Asian culture around the world. The concept behind singles day relates to how there is intense pressure to marry in Chinese culture. So, on singles day, unmarried people can splash out and reward themselves a little with nice things. So, many stores on this day will run sales intended to attract singles who want to indulge.

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Since I'm single, I decided to attend Box Hill's last Single's Day celebrations. Since I was not happy about being single at the time, I was keen to have something that would make me feel more cheerful about it. I would say it did really help. The idea is a good one in my opinion. We have occasions like Weddings and Valentine's Day to celebrate relationships. But so far, singles day is the only day I know of that is about celebrating being single. Box Hill's iteration of the event seemed to be decidedly bubble tea focused. I suppose this choice was made because bubble tea is an affordable luxury. You don't need a lot of money to buy one. But you can spend a little more to get extra toppings.

I didn't really opt for that style of drink. I went for a kind of traditional Asian fruit drink instead. I also opted for a style of dumpling I was unfamiliar with. Box Hill is a good place for trying different styles of Asian foods.

When I went, I deliberately tried to choose an outfit I knew would help me to feel more confident within myself. I think it's easier to feel good about yourself, single or not, when you're dressed up in something you feel good about. I feel like I can't add a lot of good advice on how to spent Singles Day since I feel like the whole point of celebrating singleness is the idea that you're free to do as you please. So, if you ever go to such a celebration, I recommend doing it on your own terms.

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