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See True Kyoto Weaving! Regular Events

If you've been reading my posts you'll know that early last year I got to attend a workshop on how true Kyoto weaving was done by hand. But if you happen to be in Kyoto right now, you have the chance to see a young master artist on the rise: Minamo Nakayama!

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The significance of the style of weaving she does is that it is so fine and detailed that to do it correctly, one needs to file their fingernail to comb the threads.

(Borrowed from If you follow Minamo's instagram account, you'll be able to see her schedule of live demonstrations. They typically run from 2pm to 5pm twice a week. The location is a place called "Seven houses in Kyoto Tsuzureori Co., Ltd. Adachi Co., Ltd." The address is 708 Shinseicho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto, 602-8381, Japan. Looking at the official website of this place, they seem to be highly significant in terms of traditional Japanese weaving culture, a good location to visit for anyone visiting Kyoto with textile culture in mind. Here is an embedded map so you can see where it is relative to other Kyoto locations:

Please keep an eye on Nakayama San's Instagram account if you would like to see her at work. She really creates amazing things.

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