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See Sakura Cherry Blossoms Online, 2021!

Updated: Mar 16

As I've mentioned in other posts, I have felt sad at how I could not be in Japan for sakura or cherry blossom season this year. So, I decided to see what online options were available on Eventbrite for people who are missing Japan. It turns out that there are many, with some costing an amount of money, some being quite expensive and others being free! So, I will show the free ones first and explain them.


The Japan Foundation is known to be one of the most important Japanese cultural organizations with global connections. In this case, they are hosting a Cherry Blossom festival in Washington DC and the Opening Ceremony is free to attend via Eventbrite! The event will be very exciting, with a talk by Kristi Yamaguchi, live musical performances by Naruto and Sailor Moon, and a very famous taiko group, among other events. This is free to attend, so how can anyone say it's not worth it? Please remember that the listed time corresponds with Washington DC. If you are not local, you will want to check and find out what the date and time would be in your own time zone. Registrations are essential and you can do that HERE. (Note that for a moderate donation you can receive a beautiful sakura lapel pin!)


Kazuya Sato Shinobue Flute Concert

~The Song of the Cherry Blossoms Carried in the Spring Breeze~

佐藤和哉 篠笛コンサート

〜 笛うたう 庭園と緑と 春風と 〜 For just 15 Pounds you can watch a live online Shinobue flute concert! The concert will happen at Honpo-Ji in Kyoto. Live Stream: On 3rd April 2021 from 8:30 to 10:00 BST (Sat)

*Archive: Until 10th April 2021 at 23:30 BST (Sat)

To give you a taste of Kazuya Sato's skills, here is a video he created last year. He talks for a while. But then he plays beautifully under real, live sakura!

Book your ticket HERE.

You're lucky if you live in Colorado, since it would men you could purchase and pick up an exclusive cherry blossom kit as part of your online Cherry Blossom tour experience with Thirsty Samurai. But even if you live further away, you can pay $12 to simply attend the online event where they will tour Cherry Blossom locations in Washington DC and various parts of Japan. Book HERE if you would like to attend!

Run by HIS Tours, who run many other virtual tours in Japan, these virtual tour will take you through:


  • Tour starts from 11:00 am (AEST)

  • Chidorigafuchi

  • Megurogawa

  • Tour Finish at 12:00 pm (AEST)

Book HERE for $10!

For just 5.98 Pounds come and see both Kyoto and Tokyo in bloom in this life virtual tour! Book HERE! 5th of March. 4:00 – 05:30am AEST.


On March 27th a marvelous online party will be held. Dress code is to wear pink formalwear. However, it seems that you are meant to pick up a meal from a Japanese restaurant in Washington DC as part of your participation and your ticket. It costs $100 to participate, and you receive quality sake as part of your meal. Book HERE!

If you do live in the Washington DC area you may wish to see the Festival website to see related events you can attend.

If you live in Vancouver you can attend an online event where you are able to order quality Japanese take away food and learn how to mix an exclusive Japanese style cocktail online. You can choose to attend the online party without ordering the special food. Dress code is pink. This will cost $79.80. Meals cost $161.62. Book HERE.

If you would like to supplement your virtual experiences of Japan with real life, wearable objects, you could try perusing my online store. I try to keep my prices reasonable, and my products a blend of the fun and practical:

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(Images come from either Unsplash or Eventbrite.)

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