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Online Event: Learn About Japanese Food Culture!

Updated: Mar 16

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Azumi Uchitani works around the world sharing Japanese culture and philosophy with people who are less familiar with it. On the 18th of March she will be giving a talk on the philosophy and culture surrounding Japanese traditional foods. Azumi is highly experienced in her work and has many online resources that can be enjoyed today. Here is a talk she gave on sushi in Amsterdam in 2009:

Since the pandemic began, many of her events and talks have had to move online. So, she has Youtube channel where she gives shorter talks on Japanese life.

(Image borrowed from Eventbrite.) The event is not a cooking lesson. Rather, it explains the thoughts and culture that surrounds Japanese food and eating. This can be a wonderful experience if you would like to better appreciate Japanese food when you eat it. When you consider that this can greatly add to your understanding and pleasure of eating and cooking Japanese food for the rest of your life, you may see that this is a good investment, costing only £22.15 for online access. So, this is a good event for true food lovers.

There are also opportunities for you to experience Japanese culture in real life with Azumi Uchitani. She runs 2 hour Japanese cultural retreats in Europe where you can experience tea ceremony, calligraphy and meditation. Please see HERE for more details.

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If you would like to learn more about Azumi Uchitani as a lecturer, you can see a Ted Talk she gave in 2010:

So, I think the online event can be expected to be very informative and thoughtfully put together! If you would like to make a booking to attend, please see THIS link. When you go to attend online experiences of Japanese culture, you may find you would like physical items to bring them to life. For that purpose, you may wish to buy something from my online store:

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