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Online Evangelion-Con FREE!!!

(Borrowed from "8 things to know about Neon Genesis Evangelion, the legendary anime now streaming on Netflix" by Allegra Frank and Aja RomanoJun 21, 2019, 2:10pm EDT)

If you were a child of the 90's (or even if you weren't), one of the most ubiquitous anime titles that you'll likely have heard of will have been Neon Genesis Evangelion. Amongst the many events that have been moved online due to Covid-19, there will be a free online Evangelion Event with all four of the original English dub voice actors! When I say original, I don't mean the English dub you can now go and watch on Netflix any time. I mean the OG voice actors who you would likely have heard if you watched the show at the height of its popularity. And if you haven't seen it at all yet, then honestly, you should. You really should. Why? If you have watched contemporary anime at all, it's almost a certainty that you'll have watched something bearing its influence.

(Borrowed from "Neon Genesis Evangelion Explained: Ending Differences and Reasons" by By Vrai Kaiser, Updated: 17 Jul 2019 4:44 am, Posted: 29 Jun 2019 8:50 am.) During the 90's, it was easily one of the most ubiquitous artefacts of Japanese popular culture in the world, and set a kind of benchmark and mould for all future mecha and shonen anime that would follow it. And yet, in my experience, no anime since has quite hit the same cultural, psychological and creative benchmarks.

(Borrowed from "Neon Genesis Evangelion Is Remarkably Relevant in 2019" by Julie Muncy, 07.02.2019 09:00 AM.)

Ever since it was first screened on televisions throughout the Western world, viewers and fans have continued to ask questions about the meaning of the show's content. And even now, many of those answers are the product of conjecture.

(Borrowed from "What's this tree in the opening of Neon Genesis Evangelion?", When the series originally ended, demand for more was so great that the creator, Hideaki Anno, was regularly receiving death threats in the mail. These death threats have continued to this day. So, to be able to interact with four of the voice actors of the original English dub for free is a pretty exciting prospect. All four also went on to do voice acting for many other anime, so they can be asked questions about many of these characters.

(Borrowed from I had the pleasure of meeting three of the voice actors earlier this year at Supanova, Melbourne. I found that they were all lovely to talk to and seemed to be fairly understanding of my nervousness. So, I intend to attend this if I can. It should prove a good way to get out of your own head for a moment, and some exclusive merch will be available via the chat. And you can buy one-on-one conversations if you so choose.

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