• Shona McCarthy

Oda Sushi, Flinders Lane

(Borrowed from Google Maps, 7/9/20.)

In the days before Covid-19 was a problem, I used to talk a lot of pleasure in wandering idly around Melbourne's CBD wearing my unconventional outfits. When I did, I sometimes wandered past Oda Sushi, and I was mesmerised by how pretty it looked from the alleyway beside it. You can see the Google Streetview Below of this. Though it looks so much better in real life.

I feel odd even now as I look at the place. There are things about it that give off a distinct vibe of authenticity and class. Like the architecture, and the presence of those sake barrels. Or the sushi carousel at the back. But in other ways, it's very different from food places you would actually find in Japan. You see, in Japan, restaurants tend to be specialised. You go to one place to ramen, another for udon, another for sushi etc. These places might have discreet amounts of other kinds of food to accompany the main dish. But they will still specialise in one type of meal or another. Oda Sushi isn't like this. What I had at Oda Sushi, as you can tell if you look at my Instagram post, was one of their permutations of Ramen. It had takoyaki in it. For those who don't know, takoyaki is a type of fried octopus pancake ball. I hadn't seen this style of ramen in Japan, so I was very curious to see how it was. I liked it much better than I was expecting to. The broth wasn't too strong or salty, and the various toppings weren't too much or too few.

The staff themselves didn't appear to be Japanese. I suspect they were Malaysian. But it didn't hurt the authenticity of the experience. The little fridge of drinks behind the counter was stocked with a variety of local and foreign options to try. The prices of the food were quite reasonable given the quality of the location, yet the drinks themselves were a little on the pricey side. But I had no problem paying this. For the quality of the experience, I felt the total was absolutely worth it. Back when I was there, I was still the kind of woman to long for fun dates with guys, or going out with friends. So I used to ask friends and family if they would go there with me so I could try the sushi train with them. I'll be honest and say that with the passage of time, I can't remember whether anyone complied with me or not. But either way, the sushi train there looks lovely. I hope sometime I could return alone. I hope that once lockdowns in Melbourne are over it will still exist. For more information and delivery options, you can view their menu here.

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