• Shona McCarthy

Melbourne Chinese New Year: Gong Xi Ni

It isn't always possible to visit Asia when you'd like to. But you can experience a little piece of it by seeing Chinese New Year celebrations in your local city.

The year before last, I decided to see the Chinese New Year celebrations in South Wharf.

(Taken by me, 2018.) I got to South Wharf after the main celebrations were over, but there were still interesting things to see. Like this massive Year Of the Dog lantern. It contains small lights that become visible at night. Though I felt it already looked impressive in the day. I've put another picture of it below so you can get a better sense of scale:

(Taken by me, 2018.)

Some massive Chinese drums were out in the open. Children were permitted to play with them.

(Photos taken by me, 2018.) There were many stalls at the festival. But I had gotten there after most had closed. I was very excited to see one stall displaying many of the forms of Ethnic dress form different regions of China. If you want to know what will happen at this year's Chinese New Year, have a look at the official website in your local city. For cities in Australia, try this website:

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