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Japanese Fashion Throughout The Decades'm fond of creating posts that are a journey through history in this blog. So when YouTube channel Kyoto Kimono Yuzen released this video about kimono history, I thought it would be nice to look for more videos on this topic!

It seems there are a few videos on YouTube where Western magazine houses have tried to create videos depicting changing trends in Japanese fashion over time. But somehow, one particular video has always stood out for me as the best, even though this wasn't technically the topic. Mostly because it was actually produced in Japan.

(You may need to log in to Facebook to see it. I couldn't find the video anywhere else, I'm sad to say.) I think I like it the best partially because of how much effort went into the details and authenticity of the looks. But I also love the way each look is there to show us the period of a pose, and anyone can reproduce those poses if they want to, without any previous knowledge. But since the uniforms are all depicted so accurately, it naturally provokes a curiosity about the times of each pose. Never mind how fun it is to watch those girls dance!

If you can't see the video, you can see photos of the footage here:

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