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Groceries Under Lockdown: What Are Your Options?

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One of the things I've observed about the Covid-19 related panic buying is that it is really only the mainstream supermarkets that are running out of everything. If you are willing to wander around outlying areas and go into smaller, lesser-known stores, you can often still find many resources. These include basics like toilet paper, masks, detergent and bags of flour. But what if you don't want to spend so much time outside? After all, going out to do your shopping means being exposed to a higher number of people who might be carrying the virus. Or what if you already have the virus and don't want to risk infecting anyone? Many have resorted to online shopping as the answer. But this means that many online grocery stores and pharmacies are also low on goods. So, I've compiled a list of online grocers and stores where you can get many of life's basics which, at least when I looked, seemed to be well-stocked and are likely to stay that way. Yes, some of the prices are shockingly high. But this list also includes sources and items that will help you cut back on your budget in the long run. If I've missed a resource you really want, please send me a message via one of the social media platforms at the top of this post.

I've specially chosen these sources to be local to Melbourne, Australia ( where I can) to cut back on transport costs, and to help small businesses. Many of these will ship Australia-wide. If you search, you can likely find equivalents in your own areas.

Shopping using this list should save you a lot of clicking each time you need to do your shopping since you can always just open everything up from the same post. I recommend bookmarking it in your bookmarks bar so you can always click back.

The Basics: General Groceries

Vegan Milk Replacements Products for Allergies


Cleaning Products


Period Pads/Tampons

Nappies/Diapers and Wipes

Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper Option 2

Face Masks

Garbage Bags



Creature Comforts:

Baby Supplies

Snacks and Drinks Chinese Food (Glen Waverley and Surrounds)

Children's Toys Cakes

Breads/Pies etc.

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