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Getting The Cheapest Flights, Round 2

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

If you've been watching my blog, you'll notice that I have started getting involved with affiliate programs. A lot of the companies that want me to put their ads on my blog are services of buying air tickets. I don't want to be just blindly saying, "Here! Go buy something from these people so I can make a living!" But I also don't want to talk them down. Yes, if you do click any of the banners below and make a purchase through them, it will help me. So let's look through these companies and see how they compare! I've input the same days and locations in each service to see which is the cheapest.

In each case, I've only gone so far as the search. So it might be the case that each site will have differing additional fees and so on.


(Taken from, 2020.) The first site I checked was They price they gave me was $547.50. They display the airline, as well was the times and automatically displays the options with the cheapest at the top.

Malaysia Airlines

(Taken from , 2020.)

As Malaysia Airlines is, as it says, an airline, you don't have access to other comparable airlines through their website. However, Malaysia Airlines has a longstanding reputation as a quality airline for Asian locations. So, one may be willing to pay a little more for their services. If you are flexible on your travel dates and times, you may be able to go for cheaper options.


(Taken from, 2020.)

This is another flight comparison website. I couldn't see any advantage or disadvantage to this service over iCheapFlight, since the cheapest flight produced was the same.


(Taken from, 2020.)

Globehunters' result surprised me. The price was depicted in pounds instead of dollars. It favoured China Air as the lead result. The layout was visually pleasant to look at compared to the other comparison sites. But it didn't have the best price.

Sta Travel

(Taken from, 2020.)

Sta Travel offers special options for students and teachers. They like to offer personal service out in the real world, and through them I suspect you have a better guarantee of accessing a quality airline. But, as my search reveals, you are likely to have to pay more than you would with other comparison sites.

Smart Fares

(Taken from 2020.)

Our first runner up for cheapest flight option is SmartFares. It's a lot like most comparison sites. But the difference I noticed the most is that you have the option of calling them in order to get special flight deals that don't show on the website. Also, they really encourage you to do live chat with them. So, if you're an introvert like me you can just order off the site. Or if you're an introvert like me who's trying to get more bold, you might try calling them and seeing whether they'll really give you a cheaper price.

Last Minute Travel

(Taken from, 2020.) This was the page that offered the cheapest possible airfare. $513.70. Interestingly, Last Minute Travel offers you the option of flying with multiple airlines. Presumably because you can sometimes get better value that way. But in this case, China Eastern is cheaper by $26.

So, now you have some indication of how some comparison sites compare. And again, as I said before, if you can book your future flights through any of the links above, you will really be helping me get my life together. But maybe you aren't looking to go overseas right now. You'd just like a little bit of foreign culture in your life. Maybe you should check out my online store.

Or, maybe you'd like to be supportive of me. But you don't want to spend that much. You could just...

I found these affiliates through Rakuten Marketing. So, here's their banner, too. Just to look a bit more fancy.

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