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FREE Asian Cooking Lesson Online!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to cook delicious Asian food? On the 10th of November Foodie Trails will be hosting a free online event. At this event you'll be able to learn how to cook Vietnamese and Thai cooking in your home! That might make a refreshing change if you're getting a little tired of your own cooking!

(Image from Unsplash. Used with permission.) Registration is via this link at Eventbrite. This is how this delicious event is described by Foodie Trails: Let' transform your kitchen into the streets of Asia. Learn how you can mix and match ingredients to create different meals.

In this class, we will explore the flavours of Vietnamese and Thai dishes. Using the concept of stuffing to create different flavours form Asia.

In this class, we will explore the flavours of Vietnamese and Thai dishes. Using the concept of stuffing to create different flavours form Asia. A simple swap of 1 -2 ingredients can take you from one country to another.

Sample Menu

THAI/ Golden egg Nets with crispy bean sprout, chicken, cucumber, peanut and herb filling.

Som Tam salad / from Northern Thailand a classic salad of green papaya, cherry tomatoes and green beans

VIETNAMESE/ Rice paper rolls /Classic Vietnamese most westerners are familiar, fresh spring rolls from the south served with Nuoc Cham dipping sauce, classic sweet and sour sauce.

The hands-on cook along experience are 1.5 hours each with an experienced cook showing your techniques and answering your questions live. Menus will cover2-3 dishes per session.

Menus are designed using pantry items and average shopping items, plus spices from the spice box.

We ask that you purchase the remaining ingredients in advance for the class

Your recipe and notes will give you an indication of the equipment required; these are usually items that you will have on hand in the average home kitchen.

Have fun together and our team members look forward to welcoming you online.

How it works

5 – 7 days before each class you will receive the recipe note, ingredients list and cooking equipment required,

On the day log into the call to participate in the class. We conduct an online cook along with participants over a group call.

It’s fun, interactive, helps you learn new skills and most of all brings together various cultural backgrounds through food.

No class recordings are provided. If you do not cancel or reschedule your spot in advance we are unable to offer a recording.

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