• Shona McCarthy

Dog-on It: Korean Hotdogs On A Stick 핫도그

(Taken by me, 2020.)

I've seen the shop on Melbourne Central's LaTrobe and Swanston corner change many times now. But the most recent venture is one I hope will stay for a long, long time. It seems to have joined the recent trend of souped-up hotdogs on sticks. They are claimed to be from Korea and so, like many Korean versions of Western fast foods, they have been done par excellence.

A combination of curiosity and hunger gripped me when I saw the joint. I'll show you a photo of these magical dogs so you can see how truly chunky they are.

(Taken by me, 2020.) Note the overlaid ketchup and mustard. There were multiple sauces available, but I took what was recommended. Note the crispy nodules of potato. I'm getting hungry again just writing this. When I bit into the 'dog, I was shocked at the amount of cheese that was inside. And then I was shocked to see how it stringed, and to realise that it must have been pure mozzarella.

(Taken by Jonathan Avery, 2020.) The little shop is just downstairs from Gotcha X Brioche, so it was easy for me and my friend to advance up and get a drink to accompany the hand-held little feast. I was shocked again by how far I actually had to eat into the 'dog before I found any sausage. The cheese, sauce and potato combination was already quite pleasant. But once it met with the piece of pig, oh my, it was perfection. Though I was sad to see that my sausage had been cut in half. My friend found this to be "rude". I joked that I had only received the South Korean half; That Kim Jong Un must have kept the upper half. But in truth, the worst thing I can say about this food is that there isn't more of it on every stick. But then, For $7.95, I didn't feel at all cheated. Indeed, one could buy two for under $15. That's less than what many meals in the city could cost.

(Selfie, 2020.) The next time I go, I intend to try the honey dog with sweet chili sauce and some other. I'm expecting it to be even better.

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