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Climb Mount Fuji in Your Area Today

Thanks to the Pacer app, it is now possible to virtually climb Mount Fuji without going to Japan, and at the end, you get to keep a beautiful medal.

(Borrowed from 30/8/20.)

You start by buying your participation for only $29.99 USD and downloading the Pacer app. When you consider that climbing the actual mount Fuji can cost upwards of 50,000 yen if you go with a guide, this is one heck of a bargain. Once installed, the Pacer app can keep track of the amount of walking or jogging you do everyday in your phone. As you achieve certain distances, the app will release information about landmarks on Mount Fuji you would have seen if you had climbed the same distance. This means you can virtually explore those locations as you make your journey! For an idea of landmarks usually seen around Mount Fuji, here is a youtube video:

This is great if you have been sedentary due to Covid-19 and need some motivation to get outside again. The medal is shipped to you free regardless of where you are in the world once you have achieved the 24 mile goal.

(Image borrowed from, 30/8/20.)

On a side note, the motifs on the medal are cleverly chosen. The rising steam or "kasumi" symbols above the mountain represent "rising to success". The cherry blossoms below and above represent courage and determination. So, the medal is very cleverly designed.

(Image borrowed from, 30/8/20.) Pacer also has the Great Wall challenge available now. The idea of being able to virtually visit the Great Wall of China without having to engage with Xi Jinping's China thrills me. So, when I have enough disposable income I may go for both experiences myself. The medals might make very nice obidome if I attach them to clips. I'm also excited to see people coming up with such creative ways to enhance real world experiences through the use of technology!

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