• Shona McCarthy

Christmas in Universal Studios Japan (USJ)

(Taken by me, 2017.) Every year, towards Christmas, USJ or Universal Studios Japan changes for the Christmas season. I happened to have my first visit to USJ during that time of year. So that you can decide whether or not to go at this time, I'll try to describe the experience in detail.

(Taken by me, 2017.) During the Christmas season, USJ will have many more parades than they usually would. These will vary in quality, with some being as simple as the row of snowmen I photographed, to highly elaborate ones with floats, dancers in glowing, light-up costumes and loud music.

(Taken by me, 2017.)

The parades sometimes involve fake snow. Which must be cleaned up by staff. Given the machinery they use, I suspect the fake snow gets reused somehow.

(Taken by me, 2017.)

(Taken by me, 2017.) This is some footage I took on my visit. It's embarrassing, but I did sing along. I really love Christmas and Christmas songs, so I couldn't resist. But the point is that light shows like these are common after dark in USJ. So, if you want to save money you might want to just get a Half-Day pass.

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