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Celebrate Obon Festival Online with Maiko Geisha! 3000 Yen!

(Image borrowed from Pexels.)

For just 3000 yen you will be able to see Maiko Geisha online! August 16th is the last day of Obon, one of Kyoto's most famous and distinctive festivals. It culminates in a night where one of Kyoto's greatest mountains is set alight with the word for "fire", so large that it can be seen for miles. This year, it can be celebrated as usual due to Coronavirus, so it will be celebrated online for the first time ever!

This special event will include:

- Watching beautiful Maiko Geisha performing a traditional dance.

- Asking the Maiko Geisha questions via chat in Zoom.

- An explaination about Obon's traditions!

It will occur at 7:30pm, Japan Standard Time on the 16th of August. (Calculate what that will be in your own time zone using the Time Zone Converter.) It will likely end at 8:30pm, but this is somewhat tentative since weather and fire may impact the duration of the event.

(Image from Pexels.)

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