• Shona McCarthy

The Tallest KFC I Ever Saw, Taipei 2014

(Image taken from Google Streetview. This is how it looks now. It seems to be well maintained. 2019.)

While much of my Taiwan visit is a blur to me now, one of the things that stood out to me the most was a massive KFC I saw close to the Ximending Youth Shopping District. On Google Maps it shows up at the KFC Taipei Emei.

It was one of my first experiences eating fast food outside of Australia, so the ways it was alike and different from KFC Australia was naturally fascinating to me. Curiously, instead of the chicken flavoured chips we're used to here, the meals come with wedges spiced with what I think was a blend of paprika and cumin, so that they smelt vaguely Mexican, and very herbal aromatic.

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(A view from the inside. Since the highest floor of the KFC is so high and since the food is cheap, it makes a nice place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Ximending Youth Shopping District. Here some old men were playing what I think was Chinese chess, while overlooking that amazing view outside the window. 2014.)

Another unexpected item I saw on the menu were custard egg tarts, Hong Kong style. But again, I'll say I think the real winner is the view.

(How the Chicken and chips looked. 2014.)

(Orange juice and what I think was an apricot pie. 2014.)

(More lowkey views. 2014.)

(More lowkey views. 2014.)

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