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Beverly Hills Boulangerie, USJ

When you enter Universal Studios Japan, one of the first places of eating you will find is the Beverly Hills Boulangerie. While I didn't actually eat here, I was struck by how cute the architecture and style of the place was.

(Taken by me, 2019.) It is increasingly rare to find art nouveau style. So why a restaurant that is meant to be from the ultra chic and glamorous Beverly Hills would have a French name and such architecture was a curiosity to me.

Having learned about what the food is like here, I regret not making it a priority in my visits to USJ. It largely consists of high quality, seasonal and themed cakes and desserts. Something virtually unmissable if you are a fan of character themed foods. However, you'll notice that I haven't called it a dream location here. That is because I wouldn't return to USJ for it alone. But if I did find myself there again in the distant future, it would likely involve visiting this locale.

Another reason to attend might be the simple fact that the Florida counterpart to this restaurant closed down in early 2019. As far as I can tell, the Singapore Universal Studios never had the Beverly Hills Boulangerie in the first place. So USJ might be your only opportunity to visit it.

(Taken by me, 2019.)

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