• Shona McCarthy

Wander/Wonder: 東京/Tokyo

(This is what transportation in Tokyo can look like, on the streets, trains and stations. Most people will tell you that getting a Suica card is almost essential for travel in Tokyo. They are not wrong. Get one through the Klook link below! 2019.)

When I traversed Tokyo, what struck me the most was perhaps the disparity between what I had been told about Tokyo and what I actually found it to be like. While it is absolutely true that some parts of Tokyo, such as Shibuya and Akihabara, are like visiting visions of the future, there is another side to Tokyo. A special, secret side you can only find by wandering freely, alone.

(Photos I took I took of Tokyo as I wandered about it. Far from being worryingly obsessed with boisterous modernity, I found that some of Tokyo's districts were delightfully quiet and beautiful. It may have helped that I was visiting just on the cusp of sakura season. But I loved being able to turn off an urban street and find a community vegetable garden like that. I don't think you'd ever find another place like this anywhere else in the world.

(Some views of what I think is the Kanda River on the way to Akihabara. I couldn't help but be touched by how quiet and beautiful it was there, and the little temple just beside it. 2019.)

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