• Shona McCarthy

Chinese Snacks

Here is a review of some Chinese snacks I ate in 2017! They were gifted to me by a lovely Chinese girl named Wei-Wei! These are many Asian groceries where you can buy snacks like these in Australia. But some are only available in Asia, like these:

Contrary to the name, Qianye Toast Bread does not seem to be toasted bread all. At first it seems like a rather small piece of ordinary bread. But to bite into it is soft and sweet, with a coconut jelly filling. 🍞

Liu Liu Orchard dried plums are very sweet and fairly firm. It can be hard to divide the flesh from the pit, but the taste is vibrant and life-affirming. I love the glossy, syrup that surrounds the fruit. Great source of fibre and energy. 🍇

Liu Liu Orchard Prunes from California are slightly smaller and softer than other Liu Liu Orchard prunes. The flavor is less sweet and a little more tart as there is no syrup. The fruit is easier to divide from the pit. Better for people who want to lose weight. 🍇

Dingshi Joe Mid-Autumn Festival Moon Cake with Filling is a typical September snack in China. The Chinese calligraphy and decorations on the surface are very beautiful. The smell is a little bean-y. The texture is surprisingly chewy and the taste is only mildly sweet. I believe I had mung bean flavour. There is a very hard egg yolk in the centre. 🌙

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