Mens Kaku Soft Obi Kimono Belt, Easy to Tie For Beginners! Black! Good Father's Day Gift!

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Months ago someone contacted me wanting two soft, simple, thin obi. They were for her husband to wear with yukata. She found the usual ones were often too thick and stiff. I thought, of course! Obi tying can be much easier and more comfortable with a neat, simple obi.

These are made of machine-washable materials and measure 3m x 8cm in the "Men's Kaku" option, or 4m x 19cm in the "women's hanhaba" option. Colours available are bright red, black, cream, navy blue, grey or cream and blue moire. All would go well with many yukata or casual kimono for men and women. These will be five meters long.

These are made from reclaimed materials so that some of the money will go to charity and there can be less fabric going to waste.

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