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I had a realisation that my pad design didn't have the best possible adhesion or leak protection possible. So, I have done a redesign. The new shape will make them almost 100% leak proof if you buy the waterproof version. They will also shift much less in your underwear during long periods of walking. The new pictures are what the new pads look like!

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Standard: A pocket liner made of natural fibres on one side and synthetic on the other with a snap fastening. No padding and works well as a pantyliner. Breathable, thin and comfortable. Can be worn as a regular pad if you fold some natural fabric and put it inside. Sold with a removable insert made of three layers of cotton jersey (or similar absorbent material. Includes a plastic layer and membrane to provide additional protection.


My pantyliner pads are around 24cm long and around 17cm wing to wing, around the same size as a regular pad. They are pockets, meaning that you can wear them empty as panty liners. Or you can place fabric or inserts inside when you want more absorbency. This gives you the option of using these pantyliners as pads on light flow days, or even adding an extra insert for a heavier flow. You can take the inserts out for washing and drying, meaning that personal hygiene is easier to guarantee. The inserts I make include three layers of cotton jersey, ensuring the best absorbency possible.

I can make about 10 of these in 30 minutes and I can get the materials cheap, so I will never need to outsource the labor to another country. Yes, these little guys are made in Australia, baby.


It's highly recommended that you chose natural fabrics so that they can absorb your fluids and give you good breathability. Synthetics work well as the outer shell, but when used on the upper fabric, they can get really sweaty and even give you a yeast infection.

So that it is easier to get additional padding in and out of the pad, I use a woven fabric on one side and knitted fabric on the other. I use dense, high-quality overlocking in my construction, so each pad should hold together for a really long time.

The plastic layer is fully concealed by fabric layers. So it isn't visible in the photos. The type I use varies since I try to upcycle materials. But I deliberately choose ones that make little or no noise. The fabric on it tends to muffle everything anyway.

These are easy to clean. Just take out any added padding, give them a good rinse and throw them into the washing machine.


The fact is that you never really know what's inside a disposable pad or pantyliner or where it's been. But when you get a reusable made for you, you're in control. You can have it be what you want it to be.

I used to wonder how reusables stay in place even though they just have snaps and no stickiness. But after using them myself, I see that the shape of the pad and the underpants actually resists each other and creates enough friction that it tends to stay in place. Especially with additional padding inside.

Don't feel bad if you can't replace all your disposables right away. Even just one reusable pantyliner or pad added to your cycles will help you cut down on plastic waste and you can build up a collection over time. These are also a great way to save money. One of these will pay for themselves after 2-5 uses.


This depends on how often you change your pads, and how much you flow. For day to day panty liner use, I find two a day is enough for me. But on period days, I find I would need three or four at least if I were going to use these as pads with padding.

I find owning 20 in total means I don't need to use disposable pantyliners at all, without having to do my laundry any more often than usual. But I actually use a totally different size and shape for my periods, and that is something I want to upload fairly soon. But whatever you choose, I recommend buying a few at a time just so you can save on postage costs.

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Please note: The absorbency levels I've described correspond with pads that have a plastic layer sewn in. If you have requested no plastic, the absorbency level is lower and you will need to change the pad much more frequently. If you do order plastic, avoid exposing to heat so that the plastic lasts.

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