Black Hakama Pant Skirt Hybrid, Made to Fit, Comfortable with Many Outfits! Great Father's Day Gift!

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This is a pair of custom made hakama. You would give me your desired length and waist measurement when you order. They would be made for you whatever black upcycling fabric I can find.

They are made with belt loops instead of standard tying of hakama so that people who don't know hakama well as an still wear them. They feature the standard open-side spaces so that many sizes can wear the same pair. But they can also be worn with a belt or sash. It is a skirt type hakama so that it is easier to go to the toilet. But it will still look manly. They provide protection for clothing with a wide range of movement.

I love wearing these on days where I want to to go out wearing track pants but I don't want people to see them. They go great with both traditional and contemporary clothing!

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This product comes from The Ryugiya, a business that exists to find new ways kimono can adapt to contemporary life. So, please give feedback! Some of the best selling products this store has comes from people who made original requests for items that didn’t previously exist in the store.

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