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Note: Please be aware that due to Covid-19, all international orders will have extreme delays. I have so far found that international orders take around 2 months while local orders take days. I've felt frustrated at how all the store-bought panties I buy seem to fall apart at the drop of a hat. And the period panties I bought are so polyestery and didn't offer such great protection as they claimed. Also, why do so many pairs of contemporary underpants look like a robot would wear them? I wanted to feel cute and pretty, even when my uterus is disembowelling me. So, I designed my own.


The elastic is 6mm wide and sewn into the edge, so it won't just stretch off. The fabric is a little thicker than normal underpants material. Meaning it will take much longer to wear through. These are made to be a long term investment.

The crotch is wider than usual. I find that even period panties are so narrow there that they can't really hold my flow. These will hold the flow much better.

This waterproof panel is also a pocket, extending all the way from the front to the back, meaning that you'll never again face that problem of your pad folding back on itself or being too far back. Or some flow coming out the top of your rear crevasse. You'll be able to wear these with peace of mind even on heavy flow days. Imagine having one less thing to worry about in these troubling times.

The panties can come with an insert, also containing mostly natural fibres. Without the insert, all period panties would last me about 3 hours on a heavy flow day before they leaked. With the insert, these can be expected to last upwards of five to eight hours before needing a change with average flow.


Due to covid-19 restrictions, I can't get in more fabrics for a while. But I can make do with what I have. Materials chosen will be at least mostly natural fibres. Each pair will feature a layer of plastic sheeting to ensure containment. I'll also try to make your pair look as nice as those in the picture. If this worries you, you can ask me to photograph the fabric before I make them.

They will be made from upcycled or reclaimed materials, to ensure they are as ethical as possible

_- SIZING -_

Another thing I hated about buying period panties was how limited the sizing was. And the way underpants will claim to be waist high but not actually go up to my waist. So now, that is another choice I will offer you. Measure your hips, your butt at the widest point, around your thigh where your underpants would normally sit, and how high you want your panties to go on you, from front to back between your legs. Give these measurements to me and I will make your underpants! Yay! Or, you could go with the standardized sizing I have now added. Both inches and centimetres are available.


All of these products will be washable in disinfectant. Avoid heat if you want the plastic layer to last. I recommend a pre-rinse before washing.

I wanted to create a product that would enable me to wear vintage kimono even during my period without fear. I believe that after months of thought and experimentation, I've finally succeeded. Though I would still insist upon wearing other layers and backup sanitary items that are easier to change as added fail-safes. Simply because getting blood on a vintage kimono would be a tragedy.

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